1000x the distance to Andromeda Galaxy
1,000 million lightyears
25,000,000,000,000 x the distance from Earth to the Moon
1 million lightyears
1,500,000,000,000x the distance from L.A. to New York
1,000 lightyears
750,000,000,000x as long as the Amazon River
650 lightyears
1,000,000,000x as long as the Great Wall of China
1 lightyear
Diameter of the Solar System
287 billion km
Distance to Saturn
7.5 billion km
Distance to Jupiter
688 million km
Distance to the Sun
152 million km
Diameter of the Sun
1 million km
Distance to the Moon
384,400 km
Diameter of the Earth
12,742 km
Distance across Antarctica
2,236 km
Length of the Horn of Africa
1,000 km
Length of the Nile Delta
660 km
Distance across Paris
500 km
Length of 200 City Blocks
170 km
Length of the River Thames
40 km
Length of a Human Lung
75 cm
1.5x an average Human Footstep
40 cm
Width of a Heart Valve
5 cm
Length of a Clover Seed
200 mm
Width of a Housefly's Eye
1 mm
Thickness of a Hair
600 um
Diameter of a Pollen Grain
450 um
Length of E. Coli
1 um
Size of Hepatitis B
500 nm
Width of
DNA molecule
1 nm