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For those who have to stay on their game during creative brainstorming sessions or intense meetings, with teammates or competitors, or just wanna get the most out of life, a chilled can of Red Bull Energy Drink Gives You Wings.

Red Bull

Go Girl Sugar Free will energize you for a hot, fun night out on the town. “No Sugar, No Guilt!”

Go Girl Energy
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Delight your palate with the smooth complexity of supple tannins that mingle with flavors of dark berry, black cherry, strawberry, spice notes, and a lasting vanilla finish.


“Pretty in pink” doesn’t even begin to cover this flirty favourite. From a fun bachelorette weekend out in the city to a book club night in, it’s clear that with the perfect blend of sweet and sassy, this rosé is made to be the life of every party.

Girl’s Wine

With a refreshing taste balanced between heavier European imports and lighter domestic beer, Corona is an even-keeled cerveza with fruity-honey aromas and a touch of malt.


Chick Beer, the only American beer created just for women.

Chick Beer is a beer that doesn’t taste like a light beer. The flavor is soft, smooth, and full-bodied. Yet Chick Beer magically has 97 calories and 3.5 carbs.

Beer should be fun! Grab a cool chick and ‘Witness the Chickness!’

Chick Beer
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